Status of "Ping is throttled!" errors

Monday, December 21, 2009 | 9:45 AM


Issue: Ping erroneously reports "Ping is throttled!" when we do not recognize a ping URL entered at

Workaround: Enter a supported ping URL. Ping was originally implemented to the spec at which allowed you to enter the exact url specified in your channel link in an RSS feed or the rel=alternate link in your Atom feed, which was the URL of your blog, not your feed. For example to ping this blog you would enter "". We extended this to also support pinging with your feed URL (e.g. ) but using this also erroneously gave the error listed above. Pinging with your URL should now work correctly.

Note, if you use MyBrand or Custom Domains, you cannot ping with that feed URL right now, but we plan to add support for that in 2010. We will also correct the erroneous error "ping is throttled" error message when we do not recognize the URL you are pinging with.