Welcome to the Status Blog!

Sunday, January 25, 2009 | 1:08 PM


This blog is taking over for the Known Issues & Workarounds page found in the FeedBurner Help Group. (We wish that page well and thank it for its efforts on behalf of the nation.) As FeedBurner continues its integration into Google and more publishers begin moving their accounts and feeds to Google Accounts, we wanted to provide a specific place to learn about any broad issues that arise affecting publishers moving to, or already using, the new FeedBurner within Google.

As before, general product updates related to both AdSense for Feeds and other, non-monetizing FeedBurner services will be found in the AdSense for Feeds blog.

Please do subscribe to the feed, or get daily updates via email, so you can find out when any technical issues are occurring or useful workarounds are available.