Google-Feedfetcher subscriber count drops reported

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 | 11:33 AM

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Issue: Subscriber numbers reported by Feedfetcher-Google are fluctuating day to day for some feeds with more publishers than usual reporting drops for the stats represented by Jan 12, 2010 data.

There is a known issue with occasional subscriber reporting lapses occurring from Feedfetcher-Google (representing combined Google Reader and iGoogle subscribers). We are actively working on a fix. This only affects the number of subscribers reported to FeedBurner and in no way represents issues with feed distribution and consumption as it pertains to Google FeedBurner, Reader or iGoogle products.

Update (8:00am PST 14-Jan): Overall stats production had to be restarted this morning and is running behind schedule. The initial issue has been resolved but Subscriber and Reach counts for Jan 13 may be late in updating for some users. Beyond affecting subscriber counts this is not tied to the Feedfetcher issue.

Update (6:00am PST 15-Jan): The Feedfetcher-Google subscriber count issue has been resolved. We are still working on a more long-standing fix for Feedfetcher-Google reporting issues that still affect a small number of publishers, and to restore the data from the two missing days for the majority of publishers.