Use Yahoo! Pipes? Hold off on moving your account to Google (for now)

Friday, January 30, 2009 | 2:53 PM


If you use Yahoo! Pipes as the "Original Feed," or content source, for one or more FeedBurner feeds, and you haven't already moved over to a Google Account, please postpone moving it (for now).

We are working directly with Yahoo! to restore Google-hosted feeds' access to Pipes as soon as possible, but until this fix is in place, FeedBurner feeds with Pipes sources moved to Google will stop working properly.

So…please hang in there. (If you've already moved to Google, your Pipes-powered feeds will start working again automatically once we resolve this issue.)

Update (5-Feb): It appears Pipes-powered feeds are working properly again; Yahoo! also mentioned the needed updates on their side.