Episode download link problems possible for some podcasts

Sunday, February 1, 2009 | 8:56 AM


If you have a FeedBurner podcast:

  • whose media episodes are linked through Podtrac.com


  • whose media episodes contain spaces in the filenames
listeners will not be able to download your episodes. We have a fix for this issue that will be put it in place early this week.

Workaround: Click your feed's title on My Feeds, visit Analyze » Configure Stats, and un-check the "Item enclosure downloads (podcast downloads)" box. Click Save to save this setting. Your download links should immediately work again. A side effect of this workaround is that some podcatchers may mark existing episodes as "unread" when the link is changed.

We will update this post once a fix is in place and you are able to check the downloads box again to resume download stats tracking. Please note that all of your existing download stats will be preserved.

Update: We now have this fix in place and all podcasts affected by this issue should work now work properly.